Electrostatic Powder Enamel Oven

Electrostatic Powder Enamel Oven is a multifunctional oven that focuses on making the most of your company's enameling process and getting the best results in the meantime. All Electrostatic Powder Enamel Oven varieties offered with work with the principle of loading the piece in a furnace with a hanger or carrier group in order to carry out the drying and cooking process. It is highly productive, saving on the floor, manufacturing is being done. Box Type Ovens are generally preferred due to their low initial cost of investment in low-capacity production. Continue offers advantages to the user due to less space and "low fuel cost" compared to furnaces.

Electrostatic Powder Enamel Oven Properties

Electrostatic Powder Enamel Oven Panning and Drying Furnaces are manufactured as sandwich panels on the chassis and manufactured in demounted condition. The inside part of the baking oven is made of 1.2mm ST 37 Galvanized and the outer part is made of 1.2mm ST 37 material. The outer surface of the furnace is coated with electrostatic powder paint and the corrosion resistance is increased. Cooking furnace panels are standardized with 150mm insulation material. The heat loss at the inside of the oven panels does not exceed the ambient temperature (+10 ° C) due to this insulation property in the 50mm Rockwool and the insulation in the baking oven which is isolated with 120mm glass wool. In this way our cooking ovens consume less fuel and do not overheat the working environment.

Electrostatic Powder Enamel Oven varieties are some of the most commonly used types of Tunnel Type Electrostatic Powder Paint Oven and 'U' Type Electrostatic Powder Paint Oven. The biggest difference between them is the usage according to the big and small pieces. Often tunnel type ovens are preferred for large parts while tibial ovens are used for smaller aluminum and steel equipments.