Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth, Electrostatic application is one of the most. Advanced technologies in the field of electrical and electronic devices. With high film thickness and a constant film thickness, it can be used to control the material flow. Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth Absolute recycling of overspray is an excellent way to reduce the amount of airborne contaminants. Products for enamel dust application Electrostatic equipment, gun, syringe and complex systems specially designed for enamel dust sanding.

We are the leading company in industrial type kiln producers. The company manufactures Enamel Furnaces, Enamel Cabinets, Enamel Guns. Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth Electrostatic Powder Coating Furnaces and Electrostatic Powder Coating. Cabinets and Electrostatic Powder Coatings. Makbes Makina is an exporting company. We have worked in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Romania, Azarbeycan and many other countries.

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth

Electrostatic, The emulsion in powder form is a modern industrial enamel processing. Technology which includes spraying and storing electrostatic. charged dry powder mines in metal sub-layers. This relatively new method of application has many advantages over. conventional wet enamel dyeing methods and. İs preferred by large appliances and water heater manufacturers throughout the world.

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth, The core of each powder enamel system is the application equipment. The type of installation equipment, the installations and the parameters used. Determine the first transition transfer efficiency. Of the dry powder enumeration process. Since enamel can be obtained with about 100% material use, this transfer efficiency is very important. Powder paints tend to lose their electrostatic properties when recycled very often or at long distances.

Electrostatic Wet Enamel

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth, Studies have shown that recycled powder is hydroscopic. And is more susceptible to moisture, copper dust and damp dust. For this reason, the enamelling systems are installed in a clean. Room with closed-loop air conditioning to maintain constant temperature and relative humidity. Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth The above picture shows a complete dust cycle in a modern dusting system; recovery of a rotating eluate by sieving / mixing / fluidization, automatic spraying. Overspray dust cartridge filters and recycling by means of. A magnetic separator into the rotary screen.

Electrostatic Wet, As for the electrostatic powder enamel application area. İt is necessary to keep the environmental conditions. Equipment settings and dust properties under tight tolerances. In the enamel coating industry, the name Eisenmann is synonymous with a complex enamel system from a source.

Electrostatic Wet

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth, As a leading supplier of complex high-quality plants. Engineers can best utilize their experience with all known processes. On this basis, the advantages and disadvantages of alternative processes are weighed against each other. Paint cabinets are produced according to the required specifications. Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth Double paint booths, three filter paint booths and overhead conveyor conveyor paint booths. Especially in automatic systems, multiple cyclone cabinets are preferred.

Electrostatic Wet Enamel, Manual paint cabinets are produced with automatic sieves. LPG and NG were used in the thermoblock heating furnace and the thermal block was mounted behind the furnace. The oven temperature can be up to 250 ° C. Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth The thermoblock heating section consists of all heat-resistant stainless steel and black piping. The outer panels and the inside of the oven are manufactured. From 1 mm 160 mm galvanized sheet between two walls. Stone wool and glass wool are used thickly.


Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth, The hot air fan is mounted on 2 radial type units. The galvanized steel, air ducts and ventilation ducts that distribute the air freshener are located on the Mona railway. Burner and fan are available. The burner control can be adjusted with a digital thermostat. There are burner, fan, electric motors, on / off switches, Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth electricity and control panel. There is work on the main table. Cabinet Material: The inner surface will be galvanized. Exterior painted steel sheet will be coated. 2 hand books will be a door. The cupboard will be illuminated with fluorescent lamps.


Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth, Cabin Base: Base 2 will be tapered. Conical funnel will be manufactured from galvanized sheet. Recycling: Recycling in the middle of the cabin is recycled to the recycle bin. Chassis Powder Coating Filter here: 8x2 = 16 cartridge filters are taken in two parts. The system will be placed in the tub (Ø325x660 mm.). Electrostatic Wet Enamel Booth Do you have a total of 16 filters? Filter Cleaning: The sanding process will be done automatically and manually.