Electrostatic Wet Enamel Line

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Line, The powder composition is a very important factor. Too many fine particle entities. Allow charging to the right amount and give excessive amount. Of dust, for example, accumulated on the parts corners. On the other hand, too much particulate matter with large granulometry. Electrostatic Wet Enamel Line disproportionate thickness and disproportionate gravity load. For this reason, for correct application. Enamels should have an ideal granulometric curve. Electrons the airflow that does not adhere to the dust particles. Free electrons will automatically move and be driven from the. Electrostatic field lines to the piece to be enamelled (grounded).

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Line

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Line, Electrostatic charge can produce some problems and. Failures as "Faraday Cage" or "back" ionization "phenomenon, these problems adversely. Affect the results of enamel powder coating, For this reason, a particular setup is. Necessary, but we will talk about it later. 1.2 Nonflammable Dust Suction and Recycling. The possibility of recycling enamel dust in its entirety. The success of this technology, And the economic conditions. In fact, enamel dust is possible to recover as whole. it is easier to automate application systems. Enamel To reduce risks, the collection of dust should be performed faster and more directly originating from high hygroscopicity. Enamel powder over-spray naturally includes both thinner and larger particles should be recovered as soon as possible. Cabins have a suction system, with filters that cause depression in the cabin. The best particles, while the big ones fall on the bottom of the cabin.


Electrostatic Wet Enamel Line, Large sized particles are transferred to the filter. Where they are mixed with the recoveries. Use copper dust under a granulometry point of view to use the most stable mixture possible. Enamel is applied directly to the enamel during the powder coating process, is rescued and charged. original packing. İt is important to never forget critical application points. As well as the achievement of good results, the environment in which all these operations are.

Electrostatic Wet Enamel Line, performed the place must be protected even under a hygienic point of view. We start with the idea that the application should be carried. Out by trying to reduce overspray at the lowest possible. Level, because this must be recovered with the overspray suction system. It's easy to do Understand that a low amount of overspray. Will reduce the suction and recovery system and therefore will have a longer life span and be more productive.