Enamel Furnace

Unlike other enamel furnaces, Enamel Furnace is used for enamelling and painting small parts. When these operations are performed, maximum result-oriented operations are performed. With the lowest energy consumption you can choose for maximum application and painting. Enamel Furnace variants can be both analog and digital. You can choose these types of ovens according to your application area. You can use these ovens at the highest temperatures for the desired product. These ovens, which use ultra-strong glass to prevent the surface temperature from going out, also never let the internal temperature out.

Enamel Furnace Properties

As you know, all enamel furnace variants have an ignition system at any level and this is a critical step in every enamelling process and each enamel plant has integrated at least one enamel furnace system for these processes.

In enamel ovens, porcelain enamel coating is very cured and at the same time baking is provided. In the early days when processing began, Enamel kilns fired the required ignition temperature between 800 and 900 degrees Celsius, and refractory bricks are an important task at this stage. Of course, the bricks here are also used as an important protection tool focused on getting the best results under very high fire and are ultra sensitive to thermal problems. Of course, very slowly, these ovens have to be heated by certain periods and then cooled down. That's precisely why the best quality enamel ovens used today are made of stone wool, hard vermiculite and fiber.

The enamel furnace is heated with electricity, thermal gas or lightly saturated oil. These materials are usually stored via radiant tubes so that the enamel coating and the interior of the furnace are not adversely affected by too much flammable gases.

Of course the design of the Enamel Furnace is an important influence on this point. This is because in order to increase the furnace efficiency, an aluminum or exhaust gas from the upper part of the furnace or from the extreme end is discharged in series from the inside of the duct. This is very important for the Enamel Furnace which is used today and it is the points to be taken care of.