Powder Enamel Coating Automatic Gun

Powder Enamel Coating Automatic Gun, Powder coating automatic gun and machine are powder coating machines which enable the powder coating to be applied to the material. Corona and tribo guns are the most used in this area, but there are many other types of enamel coating automatic guns available. In Corona model machines, static electricity is loaded into the powder coating with the cascade mechanism in the gun body, which allows the paint to cling to the material and this is due to the strong pressure of the islands. There is no cascade on the Tribo model, which is another gun type. And the wear is solved with different techniques in this sense. Static electricity is created by the friction method and loaded into the surface. The powder spray guns we sell are guaranteed by for 2 years.

What are the features of Automatic Powder Coating Enamel Gun?

Automatic Powder Coating Enamel Gun has many excellent advantages and if you are constantly interested in this field, these devices are for you. It is the type of robot that enables automatic powder and wet spraying guns to move up and down between desired distances and at the desired speed. The robot is vibration-free, long-lasting and precisely controlled between the desired distances. Robot stroke points and speed are digitally controlled from the control panel by frequency control.

Automatic powder spray guns designed for serial production can be used by fixed or robot mounted. Control of paint runners, air speeds and load voltages is done via the main control unit. How about taking a look at all the other enamel devices provided through