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Quality and Safety

The reason for our quality policy is the work of precision inspection and Quality Control.
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Technical Support

STR always carries itself forward by producing instant solutions.
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R & D and Engineering

STR aims to be part of the developing plant and instant production.
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Solution Partner

Experienced team and support producing instant solution after sales.


Strong3000 company has achieved its modern production, marketing, sustainability approach to R & D investments and technological breakthroughs with its innovative line. It has also embarked out a Strong3000 characteristic road of world-class production quality and, high management approach, it takes decisive steps towards becoming a company that directs the global market.

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STR Technical Machine – STRONG3000

STR Technical Machinery established in 2003, is electrostatic powder coating and powder enamel equipment and plant production activities, production capacity, technological opportunities, export power and increase one’s market share. Long-term exchanges and cooperation are the international areas of the Strong3000 become one of the leading companies in the sector.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Electrostatic Powder Paint?

Powder coating is a completely dry coating system. It consists of electrically loaded ground resin, pigment and other raw material particles and is sprayed on objects to be painted.

What Is Electrostatic Powder Coating?

Electrostatic powder coating is a solvent-free surface coating method. The coating material is very fine powder coating particles that make up the final layer of paint. Powder paint is discarded through special paint guns in the paint cabinet. When passing through the gun, electrostatically loaded powder particles stick to the material to be painted in the cabin and the coating process takes place.

Cleaning and pre-processing

In order to get excellent results from the painting process, the part to be painted must be cleaned and pre-processed. There are several methods used in part cleaning.Acidek cleaners work well for inorganic impurities, while alkaline cleaners are better suited to organic impurities. Oil-consuming chemicals are used for other organic impurities.

Paint Application

It is performed by means of electrostatic pistol. Two types of handguns, the corona and the tribo, are available for this purpose. In a Corona-type gun, the powder is charged electrostatically negative thanks to a high-voltage electrode located at the end of the gun as it leaves the gun. Because the part to be painted is grounded, the paint that is electrostatically loaded easily adheres to the part.However, sometimes the Faraday effect can occur on very indented and protruding parts and the entry of dust into the pit areas can be problematic. Tribo-type pistols are used in these cases. In this type of gun, the paint is loaded with a positive charge with only friction without applying high voltage.


Powder paint applied part is put in ovens. At this stage the piece is exposed to the time and temperature given in the properties of the paint. At this temperature, the paint first dissolves and cures after forming a flat floor. After the part is removed from the oven at the end of this period, the painting process is completed. Powder coating products usually cure at 200 degrees in 10 minutes. However, the 10-minute period mentioned here is started after the track reaches 200 degrees.

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