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About Us; STRONG3000


STR Technical Machinery established in 2003, is electrostatic powder coating and powder enamel equipment and plant production activities, production capacity, technological opportunities, export power and increase one’s market share. Long-term exchanges and cooperation are the international areas of the Strong3000 become one of the leading companies in the sector.


The Strong3000 company has achieved its modern production, marketing, sustainability approach to R & D investments and technological breakthroughs with its innovative line. It has also embarked out a Strong3000 characteristic road of world-class production quality and, high management approach, it takes decisive steps towards becoming a company that directs the global market.


The Strong3000 aims to be the most powerful production and technology company in our country and to produce high-quality products. It carries out its activities with the mission of “making the highest quality accessible” of its customers.

In 2015, this company started its operations and opened its doors to the global market with Germany /Osnabruck unit, especially to Europe, and successfully applied to its products by staying close to the innovations in the sector.

thanks to the intensely competitive and export both international and national market, Strong3000 provide added value and new initiatives with its high production standards, innovative products, and increasing brand awareness.

The company makes its superiority in the sector sustainable by investing in R&D studies.

All in all, our continuous principle of continuous development as well as our high-technical production emergent with this approach. the company always supports all employees to work and develop with the responsibility of leaders in their respective fields with the principle of quality and sustainability

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