Box Type Wet Enamel Booth

Wet Enamel Systems

Box Type Wet Enamel Booth, Box type wet enamel booth is one of the most preferred systems with the advantages. Thanks to the recycling system used in the cabin, it provides the opportunity to gain 99% of the enamel. The interior of the cabinet is made of galvanized, stainless steel and free of filters and dust. There are different models such as water curtain, positive pressure chamber, immersion type, and dry filter. Box type wet enamel booth ensures that hazardous wastes such as paint and solvent are kept in the cabin to prevent harm to nature. Box type wet enamel systems; automotive industry, especially aerospace, machinery manufacturing, electronic devices, the construction industry is used in such fields. According to the area in which our customers preference, our project design processes are prepared and installed by our professional employees.
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