Emaye Ultrasonik Eleme

(Enamel) Ultrasonic Screening

Enamel Recycling

Ultrasonic Screening: In enamel production lines, recycling systems used both to increase the profitability rate of companies along with the continuity of product quality. In addition to the recycling system, ultrasonic screening is also recommended by our company. In the recycling stage, companies go to the classical non-system elimination methods, but this leads to quality control problems. Coarse grains passing through the sieve reduce product quality. Dust enamels, which can also cause a block of the screen cover, result in a reduction in sieving capacity and a reduction in production rate. The ultrasonic sieving system eliminates fine enamels up to 20 microns in this area and provides recovery of up to 400 kg per hour. The system, which increases your sieving capacity up to 10 times, provides space-saving by allowing the filling line to be just under the sieve with the advantage of its small size.
Technical Information