Manuel Toz Boya Kabini
Toz Boya Kabini Manuel

Manual Cabins

Powder Coating Booths

Manual cabins are a spray painting process commonly known as a dry coating system. It is applied by spraying to the part to be painted thanks to manual powder coating device. Powder particles that do not adhere to the part to be painted are filtered in the cabinet with the airflow generated by the suction fan to remain inside and the first step for recycling is completed. The dust particles collected in the filters are poured into the base of the cabin and through the sieving process, the powder paint injector provides re-use. In this way, waste of powder paint is prevented. Powder coating booths, which are known as practical and useful models thanks to their features, are produced as rust-proof sheet or galvanized. All parts are dismantled and bolted. The cabin is made of 1.5 mm and 2 mm DKP sheets and is designed for painting on one side.
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