Plastik Metal Siklon Kabin
Plastik Metal Mono Siklon
Strong3000 Kabinler
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Plastic and Metal Mono Cyclone Cabin

Powder Coating Booths

The plastic and metal mono cyclone cabinet, which we manufacture, has a powder coating recycling system integrated. The cabin can be manufactured in plastic and metal. Intended to improve quality and efficiency, the cabin has a rapid color change. Plastic and metal mono cyclone cabs can be cleaned by air and an automatic sieve system is also available. The cabinet is suitable for 1 axis, 2 axis, 3 axis robot system. Custom cabinets designed and manufactured according to the order. Powder paint which cannot hold onto the material painted at recycling point is absorbed by the cyclone. The paint collected here is transferred to the paint tank under the system and thus put into a suitable position for reuse. The recycling process can be done automatically and manually. High-efficiency production is aimed at low cost.
Technical Information

Technical information:High stability, adjustable current and voltage, RS485 modbus communication, memory identification, led warning system against network grounding failures.