Paint Center

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Paint Center


Paint Center, as Strong3000, is designed for manual painting with the help of personnel from one side. The electrostatic powder coating center, which is shown among the most useful cabinets, is capable of filtering the paint particles that cannot connect to the material in the cabin. In this way, the powder paint is prevented from coming out and the powder paints poured from the filters to the base of the cabin are sieved by the sieve system located under the cabin and then added to the system with a powder paint injector. Our powder coating center is electrostatic powder coated and filtered. It can be manufactured from galvanized or stainless steel according to the customers’ preference. Manual powder coating devices use in the paint center. You can check on our products here.

Technical Information

Yüksek kararlılık, ayarlanabilir akım ve voltaj, RS485 modbus haberleşme, hafıza tanımlama, şebeke topraklama arızalarına karşı ledli uyarı sistemit