Strong3000 Spray Hattı
Strong3000 Spray Hattı

Spray Lines

Powder Coating Systems

Spray Lines, Before Powder coating application, surface cleaning of materials is required for a healthy adhesion of paint on the material. Powder coating spray lines is the system that works with the principle that the material to be cleaned is automatically washed and rinsed with chemical or water without human assistance.The purposes of using paint spray lines are to completely clean all layers of dirt, oil, dust which will prevent the paint from sticking through the material to be painted and create a film on the surface. In this way, it will be provided that sticking the powder coating on the surface of the metarial in a healthy way. Spray line works more efficiently and faster than immersion type surface cleaning facilities due to the principle of operation. In general, it is used in automotive sector, white goods sector and lighting sectors.

Technical Information