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Strong3000 Tünel Tip Fırınlar

Tunnel Type Ovens

Powder Coating Booths

Tunnel-type ovens are made by hanging onto the conveyor of the product to be cooked. According to the size of the product hanging on the conveyor and the area of the automation system, it is provided to be dried while moving at a certain speed. In this type of furnace temperature is provided by thermoblock. There are electricity and gas options as fuel. Tunnel type powder coating ovens preferred for mass production processes, are manufactured in disassembled form. With this feature, it can be easily assembled and moved to other areas. Tunnel type baking ovens do not experience problems such as rankings. Upon hanging the product on the conveyor, it is not exposed to vibration and contact until it comes out of the oven and cools down. This greatly reduces the error rate.
Technical Information