Strong3000 U Tipi Fırınlar
U Tipi Fırınlar Strong3000

U Types Ovens

Powder Coating Booths

U types Ovens: It is the most efficient oven type in powder coating systems. The oven distributes the heat produced with low energy evenly in the whole oven thanks to the hot air boiler. The ready-to-cook material moves through the entrance door of the U-Type Oven and turns 180 degrees “U” inside, parallel to the entrance door. Due to its size and structure, the oven is preferred by companies with limited space.

U Types Ovens

The interior of the U type oven, which we produce as Strong3000, is made of 1.2 mm ST37 material. The outer surface of the oven coated with electrostatic powder paint and corrosion resistance so it increase. The cooking panels are standardized with 150 mm insulating material. The dimensions of the U type oven are designed by the size and production capacity of the products to be painted. The temperature in the oven is provided by thermoblock. LPG, natural gas, electricity and diesel options can use fuel.
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