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Wet Enamel Systems: Wet enamel, which is one of the most important steps used to improve enamel quality, is generally a method used for coating containers with high recesses. The electrostatic wet enamel is one of the technologies adapted high capacity production an effective system for all technical products. The wet enamel applied to improve the quality of a thick enamel application provides an even distribution of layer thickness at each point by providing a balanced coating. Generally, as the application area of ​​wet enamel, there are recesses and protrusions on the containers.

It is seen that electrostatic wet enamel device which is one of the areas where the most successful wet enamel coating method is realized, is effective in obtaining a quality product by creating the same thickness at every point. The coated materials obtained at high temperatures become hard with electrostatic wet enamel furnace. All kinds of works celebrated as wet enamel coating methods aim to increase the resistance of the materials to be used against external factors. It is seen that electrostatic wet enamel booth, which is one of the solutions celebrated in many material coatings, also provides an effective result in the coating of enamels inside the boiler.